About Us

Over 20 Years of Growth!

We have been growing steadily since opening our doors in the Montreal region in 1994. Optimum Janitorial is a leader in the janitorial services field for commercial and industrial establishments in the Montreal region, and we have now expanded to the National Capital Region. Our team in 2014 was comprised of over 80 professionals, working together in order to deliver quality services to our valued clients.

Optimum Janitorial puts every effort into meeting the specific needs of each client. Our clients range from small offices, to large condominium buildings, and everything in between. Our partnerships with local distributors keep our costs low to maximize our clients value, while supporting the local economy.

A Matter Of Trust

We feel that it is imperative that you feel you can trust your cleaning company. At Optimum Janitorial, we promise you reliable and meticulous employees, regular inspections conducted by supervisors, and prompt and effective customer service.

Code of Ethics

Our working code complies with the regulations of the following official agencies: